Welcome - Vision - Missions Contact us Disclaimer of liability Navigating your health journey - a space for reflection Why are medical (mis)diagnoses are more common than you think? Key concepts for making informed healthcare choices Thinking differently about health - But what is health? The Tyranny of Diagnosis The Willingness to Change? Perception is Reality, But is it? Unraveling the complexities of perception VS. reality What to do when perceptions aren't Reality Learn the keys to unlock your health: a paradigm shift Human Medicine versus Techno-Medicine Health Needs a Paradigm Shift: From Repair to Health Navigation Living in a bubble; a self-evident secret of life? The principles of the Hippocratic Oath: renewed
What does a nutritional therapist do - her approach in a nutshell? Who can benefit from functional nutritional therapy? Is nutritional therapy for me? How does functional nutritional medicine differ from conventional medicine?
Digestive and gastro-intestinal health Mental and cognitive health Metabolic health Hormones balance Liver Health Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Program Depression A chemical imbalance doesn't explain depression. So what does?
Consultations - Functional Nutrition Therapy What is functional nutrition? What is functional medicine and how it can help you? Outlines of the functional medicine approach - How is functional medicine done ? Functional nutrition testing Why fonctional nutrition testing might be useful? Consultations GAPS entero-PSYchological/entero - PHYsiological syndromes Introducing the GAPS diet - How to get started? Consultations options - how we can help? Working with us - consultations options what to expect Guidance on navigating the health systems with success: how we can help
An insight into functional Nutrition testing How Functional Medicine Lab Testing Differs From Traditional Medicine
Beyond the hype - The greatest suppressed stories of virology Bridging some gaps A farewell to virology Inventing the Nature of viruses The Germ Theory House of Cards Quick Start: Germs, Viruses, Contagion, Disease and Other Lies An introduction to the virus misconception, Inversion and Illusions Only Poisoned Monkey Kidney Cells 'Grew' the 'Virus' Phantom Virus: In search of Sars-CoV-2 Get a dose of truth: Dr Stefan Lanka Bursts the Virus Misconception The virus misconception by DR STEFAN LANKA Exploring issues and controversies in science Is too much medicine bad for our health? Overdiagnosis: what it is and what it isn't? Overdiagnosis: The silent pandemic of the West? Paradoxes of disease More on the tyranny of diagnosis of diseases Legal Drug-Pushing: How Disease Mongers Keep Us All Doped Up Does the pharmaceutical industry manufacture diseases as well as drugs? "If you go to an authority, you don't always get the right answer" Can our minds lie? The parasitic mind: how infectious ideas kill common sense) by Gad Saad - book review Politics, Morality and corruption Perpetuating Bad Governance ? An emerging contagious political trend. Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely The Psychology of Political Power: Does Power Corrupt or is it Magnetic to the Most Corruptible? The Illusion of Medical Certainty The hidden problem of medical misdiagnosis ? and how to fix it Why Getting Medically Misdiagnosed Is More Common Than You May Think. Medical mimics: Differential diagnostic considerations for psychiatric symptoms Lawful, but corrupt: Pork and limitations of bureaucracy Drugs Half of drugs prescribed in France useless or dangerous, say two specialists Inappropriate prescribing Misuse of Prescription Psychotropic Drugs
Patient Rights and Responsibilities Conscientious Objection to Vaccinations Reporting sides effects of medicine and vaccines Vaccine side effects and false-positive tests Exploring Big Pharma's Unproven Assertion that Gardasil Will Prevent Cervical Cancer Public health, pharmacovigilance and toxicology Promoting diseases to promote drugs: The role of the pharmaceutical industry in fostering good and bad medicalization The Fight against Disease Mongering: Generating Knowledge for Action Terrain vs. the illegitimate Germ Theory of disease causation The End of Germ Theory - 32 Key Questions for You and Your Doctor. A beginner's guide to Germ Theory, with Andrew Kaufman Viruses are embraced as basic seeds of medical reality. Viruses can't be isolated, but isolation is unnecessary?; another ridiculous claim from those who insist on saying SARS-CoV-2 exists Fearless commentary on finance, economics, politics and power White collar crimes & white coat criminals The Industry Agenda: Big Pharma How Big Pharma is corrupting science, doctors and public health policy? Thinking critically about Medicine, health science, researches and media Are Psychiatric Medications Making Us Sicker? Computational chemistry, physics, biology, drug design, and materials science What in silico means in a nutshell? Selling sickness: Exposing the unhealthy relationship between society, medical science and the pharmaceutical industry. Selling Sickness: How Drug Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients Selling sickness: the pharmaceutical industry and disease mongering The marketing of madness: are we all insane? Protect yourself Disease mongering: Selling sickness to the worry well Quick fact about psychiatry Real Disease vs. Mental Disorder? Tapering Strips: A Practical Tool for Personalised and Safe Tapering of Withdrawal-Causing Prescription Drugs Audio & Video Terrain view the complete documentary War on Health: The FDA's Cult of Tyranny The Science of Climate Change explained and truths Who Are the Real Climate Change Deniers? Why Governments Have Replaced God with Global Warming A false notion that carbon dioxide and other gases cause global warming Books about health, psychiatry and sciences Former NEJM Editor-in-Chief Shares How Big Pharma Corrupted Academic Institutions Over-diagnosis makes people sick in the pursuit of health Good-Bye Germ Theory The Tyranny of Health: Doctors and the Regulation of Lifestyle Views of medicine as a profession Disease-Mongers: How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers are Making You Feel Sick Science Sold out: Does HIV really cause AIDS? Vaccination as an ideological construct Beverley Thomson: Antidepressed: Antidepressant Harm and Dependence
Learn more about GAPS Entero - PSYchological & Entero - PHYsiological syndromes Introducing the GAPS diet: How to get started? Learn more about functional nutritional therapy How nutritional therapy may benefit you What is functional nutrition therapy? Find out how functional medicine work and can help you
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Learn more about GAPS Entero - PSYchological & Entero - PHYsiological syndromes

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Learn more about functional nutritional therapy

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